YUD (Board Directors Association - BDA) is a non-governmental organization established to increase the effectiveness of companies' boards of directors, to support companies' governance models to comply with the corporate governance principles of the era, and to be a reference point in this regard.​

The Board Directors Association aims to establish the necessary knowledge, equipment, and understanding for entrepreneurs and businesses in all sectors, which represents the driving force of our economic development, innovative and creative dynamics, and builds leading and competitive elements in global markets, to continue their developments towards contemporary management models and practices. Therefore, the Board Directors Association acknowledges the importance of defining and implementing the goals of company boards and their members in accordance with the principles outlined below for all stakeholders of the companies. Additionally, the Association works to ensure the effective and systematic reach of informative, discussional, and practical platforms for relevant professionals in our country to comprehend, develop, and adopt these principles on management boards at the broadest level possible. Lastly, the fundamental principles are summarized briefly below.


The Board of Directors must have the knowledge and equipment to actively monitor and evaluate the developments in their sectors and the economic world they are a part of, and to draw inferences from these developments for the future.



Ensuring that the Boards of Directors are formed from members who have the understanding and capacity to put their existing competencies into practice.


For the Board of Directors to set the agenda with the vision of sustainable companies for sustainable growth, develop the authority to form and run committees, increase the capacity to evaluate risks or opportunities, and be accountable



In today’s world, associations, like companies, struggle to achieve their vision and mission with only their own resources and expertise. Advances in information technology and communication allow managers to access information without national boundaries and compete globally. Based on this, our association has set out to create content, organize training workshops, and provide our members with the best practices through strategic partnerships. Some of our collaborations aim to convey more effective decision-making and management mechanisms to our target audience.